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Thermomechanical Pulp cover

  • Keywords
    • paper plant operation,
    • wood and fibre composition,
    • mechanical pulping,
    • refiner-based pulping,
    • paper printing process,
    • thermomechanical pulping,
    • pulp and paper manufacturing

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Thermomechanical Pulp
Technology, Energy Requirements, Pulp Quality Characteristics and Morphological Aspects
by Michael Jackson , Norman Wild and Mark Frith

This book provides an in-depth review of refiner-based mechanical pulping technology, specifically thermomechanical pulp (TMP) technology. The authors offer a readable and straightforward discussion of the technology, energy requirements, pulp quality characteristics, and morphological aspects of the thermomechanical pulping process. It is intended primarily to provide a useful introduction to young process engineers working in mechanical pulp mills in the early stages of their careers but with sufficient detail to provide the reader with a broader understanding of the overall process. University undergraduates as well as postgraduate students may also find this book to be a reliable resource. In addition, technologists and technical sales staff employed by equipment and chemical suppliers supporting the mechanical pulping industry will gain an improved understanding of the technology. This book offers a detailed overview of issues related to the market demand and production of high-yield market pulp, including wood composition and fibre morphology, the refining, screening and bleaching processes, and energy-saving approaches that reduce energy reliance without compromising quality. The authors provide a sound foundation for successful TMP plant operation as well as a reasonable starting point for any investigation into pulp-quality issues that may arise due to changes in chip supply or TMP plant operating parameters.

Collectively, this book’s three authors have more than 100 years of experience in mechanical pulping and remain active in the industry. Michael Jackson, the principal author, and Mark Frith, have extensive experience from working in research and development as well as with equipment suppliers and currently have their own consulting companies specializing in TMP operations and in pulp quality development. Norman Wild worked as a consulting engineer in the pulp and paper sector for 19 years and for the last 14 years has focused on conservation and energy management in the pulp and paper sector. All three authors have published papers in a number of technical journals, and the principal author, Michael Jackson, has published more than 100 technical papers during his 55-year career. Michael Jackson lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia; Norman Wild lives in Richmond, British Columbia; and Mark Frith lives in Montreal.


Michael Jackson
Norman Wild
Mark Frith

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