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shape shifters, magical beings, high school, magical realm, friendship, San Francisco, Ancient Egypt

The Revelation
by Kathryn Friesen

After trapping her nefarious uncle Robert and his allies in the Realm of Sleep, Legend-Princess Amber and her friends return to face a familiar challenge: seeking out the remaining Legends that have gone into hiding. With few kingdoms keeping close tabs on their Legends and more monsters on the rise, will they be able to find them before something else does first?

Meanwhile, Devas Ashton is entering his first year of high school with shadows watching his every move… literally. As he tries to navigate the social pressures of the elite school, he finds sympathy in an unlikely place—a fellow freshman with a mysterious past.

Destinies intertwine and prophecy unfolds as the Legends rendezvous with their next recruit: the Princess of the Unicorns.

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Daughter of a native Texan and a wayward Californian, Kathryn Friesen feels at home in any corner of the U.S. An Aggie with a degree in Visualization, she currently works as a game designer. Although her travels carry her to exciting new places, her heart always brings her back to family.


Kathryn Friesen
Abby Read

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