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Contemporary fantasy, Magic and the occult, LGBTQI+ themes, Family drama, Ancient mythology, Grief and loss, Young romance

A Mythos Novel
by Mark Jonathan Runte

Daniel always knew his family was different from others, it wasn’t just the ghost of a long dead woman haunting them. Or the political games his family played.

It was the family gift, known but rarely spoken of. To kill or hurt with just a murmured word and touch.

He tried to stay far enough away from that as he could, while remaining close enough to protect his brother.

Until his father killed a man for some insignificant slight.

He fled rather than continue playing the game he had been taught since childhood. Only to find himself in the arms of a Calais, Maine teacher.

Mark is a transmasculine writer published in several small indie journals and magazines. He spent several years trying to figure out a path and where to go in life before almost falling into publishing work. He hasn’t looked back since. Proud owner of a little black Havanese who thinks too much, and a Shih Tzu bichon mix who would rather believe it was winter all the time. This is his first book.


Mark Jonathan Runte
Jon Stubbington

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