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Self-help, Happiness, Personal Development, Emotional Mental Health, Empowerment, Surviving Abuse, Neurobiology

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life
An Unbelievably Simple, Proven Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change
by Deanna LoTerzo

Have you been conditioned to accept the unacceptable? Believe that you will never reach your goals? Lost confidence in yourself and your dreams of a brighter future? If so, take heart. Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life:

• Proves that you no longer have to be defined by past mistakes, fears, and self-destructive behaviors.

• Shows you how to find loving, lasting relationships, heal those that are broken, and forever leave the past behind.

• Shares proven techniques and tools, backed by science, that release self-destructive thoughts, emotions and rigid beliefs, in minutes.

• Features unique Emotional Inventories to help you recover from loss of identity and low self- esteem, abuse, eating disorders, and much more.

• Includes reassuring accounts of real people whose lives have been permanently changed.

• And, most importantly, delivers rapid, radical, and lasting transformation!

With subconscious thoughts and emotions accounting for over ninety percent of our interactions with the external world, it is essential we learn how to use our creative, intuitive intelligence to access the inspired solutions we need to feed our best life.

Author Deanna LoTerzo shares the powerful yet simple mind-body techniques that helped her overcome sexual, emotional, and physical abuse which fueled decades of chronic depression and a life-threatening confrontation with cancer. The story of her own amazing transformation to vibrant health and happiness offers a message of hope, faith, and courage – sprinkled with a healthy dose of dry, offbeat Australian humor.

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Deanna LoTerzo, an Italo-Australian by birth, has been a successful life coach, psychotherapist, and spiritual mentor for over 18 years, and is now living in Canada. After her cancer diagnosis, she abandoned a career in business management and spent an enlightening seven-month sabbatical in Nepal to accelerate her transition from workaholic frenzy to meditative calm, then from relentless researcher to writer. To help you stay connected to your luminous self check out the resources on Deanna's website.


Deanna LoTerzo

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