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Self-help, Happiness, Personal Development, Emotional Mental Health, Empowerment, Surviving Abuse, Neurobiology

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life
An Unbelievably Simple, Proven Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change
by Deanna LoTerzo

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life is a game-changer! It uses simple, proven techniques grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rapidly move you beyond limiting thoughts, fears, negative emotions and destructive behaviors.

- It raises the bar on what it means to be fully empowered, resilient and happy, no longer defined by your past; lifelong optimism, love and joy is well within your reach.

- Discover 5 paradigm-shifting facts in the first four chapters that will forever alter the way you see yourself, your potential, and your world.

- Learn how to use Emotional Inventories - a unique resource included in these chapters: Reclaim Your Identity, No More Secrets: Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse, De-Mystifying Eating Disorders & Weight Loss.

- Read inspirational stories and case notes of amazing transformations to newfound self-assurance, vibrant health and happiness.

- Access powerful, but unbelievably easy exercises to help you explore your innate creative intelligence and expand your consciousness.

Set aside all preconceived notions that solutions need be complex, hard-learned and rigid. Those don’t apply here. The key to rapid, radical and lasting transformation is simplicity!

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Deanna LoTerzo, an Italo-Australian by birth, has been a successful psychotherapist, life coach and spiritual mentor for over 18 years, now living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She overcame decades of abuse, chronic depression, cancer and a workaholic nature to become a source of hope, faith and courage to countless others. Deanna attributes her survival to a life-changing sabbatical in Nepal, the contents of this book, and her boundless, offbeat Australian humor. Discover more about the author and other helpful resources on her website.


Deanna LoTerzo

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