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The Robin Hood Method
Raiding and Poaching Strategies to Enrich Your Small Business
by John L. Ugyan

This book contains a number of unique and unconventional business concepts, starting with the Robin Hood Method itself. The Method involves working collaboratively to “swipe the jewels” from elite competitors in order to create more sales and profits for an existing business, and for jumpstarting a new one.   A new and different approach is required because only 40% of small businesses are profitable and over 50% fail within five years. With a relentless emphasis on profitability, the author provides fresh insight into: - How the Robin Hood Method costs nothing, has no disadvantages, and can cut your learning curve by years. - Thirteen untapped opportunities to increase prices. - Four ways to create instant sales momentum for your start-up. - Six mega marketing options. - A fun and creative approach for novices to understand business numbers. The author has experienced the despair of a failing business and can relate to the issues of lack of money, knowledge, and experience. For that reason the book has simple and easy to apply techniques for a business in trouble, mired in mediocrity, or just starting out.

"This is a remarkable book that gives you the tools you need to start, build and grow a high-profit business. You will save a fortune in time and money while achieving the same level of success. John has assembled a series of methods and techniques that you can use to increase your sales and profits immediately" Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Business Expert

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Born in Hungary, John and his family escaped during the 1956 uprising against communist rule and settled in Canada, a country offering freedom and opportunity. Despite a rocky academic start, including dropping out of high school, he subsequently found his footing in the financial industry. But, unfulfilled as a commercial credit analyst and branch manager, John left to start his own business. While his initial attempt was an utter failure, he didn’t give up. Instead, he persevered and developed an ingenious business system – the subject of this book – and a $100 million venture. John enjoys reading, chess, biking, and has a lifelong passion for soccer. Since selling his company in 2011, he and his wife have spent summers in British Columbia, Canada and winters in Mexico – where he continues to play old-timer soccer. In his book, The Robin Hood Method, John shares his story about how an ordinary person - with some luck and hard work - can break the mold and forge their own paths to success.


John L. Ugyan

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