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Investing in Residential Real Estate
Your Guide to Investment Properties and Wealth Generation
by N.S. Grewal

“One of the greatest assets anyone can have is trust and faith in their own abilities. With an asset like that, there is no limitation on what you can accomplish.”

• Have you ever wondered if you could make money in real estate?

• Looking for a book that clearly outlines the analysis of real estate and how to operate an investment property – with calculations and examples?

• Do fear and self-doubt hold you back from achieving your dreams?

Investing in Residential Real Estate: Your Guide to Investment Properties and Wealth Generation addresses these questions and much more as it outlines how investing in multi-family investment properties can be your vehicle for wealth creation and financial security. The process to locate, evaluate, purchase, and finally manage a duplex, triplex, or quadplex is explained throughout the book. Detailed examples of financial calculations help make the undertaking easy to follow and to understand. While this text discusses the numbers and process, it also considers the mindset that is required to achieve success and the importance of believing in your own abilities. If investing in real estate intrigues you, but you find it intimidating, this guide’s extensive calculations and glossary furnishes the vocabulary that any potential investor needs.

This concise and practical guide outlines the specific steps and requirements in purchasing multi-family investment real estate and includes details about what to look for at each step. Investing in Residential Real Estate provides a one-stop source for those who are interested in the potential offered by the real estate market.

NAVRAJ (NAV) GREWAL wanted to work for himself, build financial security, and retire early. Fighting fear and learning to believe in himself, Nav overcame self-doubt, turning to multi-family residential property investment to accomplish his dreams of financial independence. He is an average Canadian who realized that real estate is a great wealth-generation vehicle and that it could be his way to achieve this financial independence.

After extensive research and work with mentors to learn about the real estate industry, he has successfully invested in multiple residential investment properties in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

Nav currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


N.S. Grewal

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