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My Vibrant Life
A forever journal capturing your life's journey
by Ravina M Chandra

My Vibrant Life is a forever journal designed to capture your life story with stimulating questions and heartfelt prompts.

Handwriting in the details of your life from birth to the golden years will help you discover your true self. This elegantly crafted journal records your unique stories, your thoughts, your loves, your hopes, and your dreams. With these guided pages, uncover fascinating gems and hidden details of your life. Whether you want to reflect on your past or think about your future, you can preserve your memories and aspirations all in My Vibrant Life. This private keepsake chronicle is yours to cherish or share with loved ones. You will always own your precious story.

“Remember, this beautiful collection of words is, first and foremost, for you.”


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Ravina M Chandra is a certified Health & Life Coach and Aging in Place Specialist. She has spent her career in health and wellness, caring and mentoring others to improve their health and embrace vibrant living. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia and a Functional Nutrition Diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she continues to be a life-long learner, sharing her knowledge through teaching, mentoring and coaching anyone interested in living their best life.

She resides on the west coast in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with her husband, where she loves putting together jigsaw puzzles, experimenting with recipes in what she calls her “test kitchen”, and taking daily nature walks through Beacon Hill Park, frequently socializing with cats, dogs, squirrels, ducks, peacocks and deer.

Founder and director of 'Simply You Habit Change & Lifestyle Coaching'


Ravina M Chandra

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