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Tame Your Home
A Manual to Prevent Costly Breakdowns and Keep Your Home Healthy
by Eric Kraushaar

Taking care of a home is exciting, but it can also be confusing, overwhelming, and even a bit scary. What is the best way to cool down the house without damaging the air conditioner? Why is a sump pump important and how does it work? When is the best time to check the exhaust and intake vents? Tame Your Home — A Manual to Prevent Costly Breakdowns and Keep Your Home Healthy answers all these questions and more. This home improvement and maintenance manual helps to demystify the management of a home. It can be used by anyone who is taking care of a home, whether the home is new or older, and whether owned or rented. This book also offers some very useful checklists and maintenance schedules that are organized by season to help you monitor what needs regular checking and upkeep. With this book, you will learn how the different systems and features in a home can work to create a comfortable, safe, and healthy space. This book will guide you through a better understanding of each system, and how to work with your home to prevent system break downs with regular maintenance, cleaning and care. Organized alphabetically under two main sections—Indoor Features and Outdoor Features—Tame Your Home provides detailed information on many of the systems and elements, such as: ■ plumbing ■ heating & air conditioning (hvac) ■ flooring ■ electrical & lighting ■ insulation ■ landscaping, grading, & drainage ■ decks ■ moisture management The goal of this book is to help empower you in your home with tools to care of your home for the long term. By using these tools in your home, you can minimize unnecessary and unexpected costs, as well as the potential for unexpected and unwelcome surprises. All the tips and tricks offered within these pages truly help you tame your home, so it works for and not against you.

Eric Kraushaar has a wealth of experience in the real estate and construction sector. He has owned and operated a construction company for many years and has both a hands-on and in depth knowledge of the best way to maintain and upgrade homes and other buildings. In addition to his experience with the construction side of the industry, he is also a lawyer, with years of experience in commercial law, involving properties and buildings. Kraushaar’s goal is to provide his readers with meaningful information which they can carry with them throughout their lives, regardless of where they live. His no-nonsense and clearly explained approach to maintaining the home is done with the hopes of instilling confidence and a sense of accomplishment in the reader, that is lasting. Kraushaar and his family live in southern Ontario.


Eric Kraushaar

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