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Humour, Empathy, Optimism, Everyday life, Special occasions, Life lessons, PTSD and GAD

Rhymes for a Reason
The Power of People, Positivity, and Playfulness
by Dianne Rossol

No matter our age, the world changes and challenges us every day. Life is a voyage of discovery; we learn as we go. As love grows in our hearts, we see the ironies and the coincidences, the struggles and the pitfalls, and we also see the silver linings. The human spirit is resilient, and during tough times, our ability to find balance and to laugh at ourselves is part of the journey.

Rhymes for a Reason: The Power of People, Positivity, and Playfulness offers an assortment of writing reflecting everyday life, special occasions, observations, feelings, and philosophies, while navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns. It celebrates life, with positivity, compassion, understanding, and laughter. Rhymes for a Reason is about the things we have in common, no matter who we are or where we are from. Mostly, it’s about support, and if we stick together and take care of each other, we can get through anything.

This quirky collection of poetry and prose is evocative of the diversity of roles played, and experiences lived. The book is rendered in three parts—an emotionally rich, thoughtful, and engaging variety of poems, a delightful shorter section intended to bring out the kid in all of us, and a contemplative piece about living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Rhymes for a Reason is intended for adult readers who are both sensitive to the plights of others and capable of seeing humour through life’s ups and downs. People looking for some positivity, or a new perspective, may find themselves reflected in these poems and stories.

Dianne Rossol is a self-described “brutally honest person,” and being a senior adds not only to her experiences but also to her insights and recommendations regarding our human frailties. “Sometimes there are no answers to the quandaries of life. Just distract yourself with things you can control and don't fret about what you can't.” Dianne found writing Rhymes for a Reason to be therapeutic. “I can write better than I can talk.”

An animal lover, she is best known by her close friends as “The Butterfly Lady”—referring to her spiritual affinity to butterflies. She is also a music lover, especially music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties, particularly from the mid-sixties British Invasion era—a time in history when, Dianne says, “Things seemed so much simpler.”

Rhymes for a Reason: The Power of People, Positivity, and Playfulness is her second book and the follow-up to her first book, The Other Side of Grief: There Is Life After Loss, published by FriesenPress in 2020.

Dianne Rossol is retired and lives in Medicine Hat with her husband.


Dianne Rossol

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