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Prayer journal, Devotional workbook, Personal growth, Christian self-help, Bible study, Christianity, Christian living

Unlocking your Destiny & Finding Purpose
by Maria Ledith Bobiles

Ever wonder why you are here? Or what to do with the talents God has given you? Maybe everyday life has trapped you in your comfort zone and you are dying to know how to actually live a happier, fulfilling life. Sound familiar?

Unlocking Your Destiny & Finding Purpose is an inspirational workbook and devotional prayer journal with one goal: to reveal God’s innermost treasures—the unique gifts and talents of His children. Life coach Maria L. Bobiles shares her personal journey of how she came to unlock God’s divine calling for her life, offering simple, straightforward activities for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in their daily lives.

Grounded in scripture, Unlocking Your Destiny & Finding Purpose includes eight powerful, yet easy-to-read chapters, intriguing exercises, and guided prayers. From exploring passions and talents to reflecting on the thoughts and feelings associated with negative habits, each chapter builds on the last, challenging readers to reflect on their deepest desires and personal circumstances in order to shed darkness with the light of God’s Word. It’s about mastering your day by mastering your heart—acknowledging your weaknesses in a new way to approach life, each and every day with God’s strength. Unlocking Your Destiny & Finding Purpose is here to guide you through this process.

This book is supplemental to the Unlocking Your Destiny program, which provides assistance and support to readers. For more information, please visit

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Maria L. Bobiles is a Christian life coach, entrepreneur, and the founder of From The Heart With Love, a faith-based life-coaching organization dedicated to inspiring and motivating individuals to walk toward their true identities. She has extensive experience working closely with businesses and non-profit organizations to promote the growth of communities that build people up and spark social change. Unlocking Your Destiny & Finding Purpose is Maria’s first publication, which she hopes will ignite readers and set them free from the prison of the comfort zone.


Maria Ledith Bobiles

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