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Whispering Snow
7 Martial Arts Secrets To The Way Of The Ski
by Steve Harris

“Pssst…want to know some secrets most skiers never hear? Come walk with me.”  What do downhill skiing and martial arts have in common? Quite a lot as it turns out. Whispering Snow applies seven key secrets from the martial arts to skiing to help you master your learning path. Ski tips and lessons need a framework and this is it. Third-degree black belt and Level Two CSIA ski instructor Steve Harris imparts decades of experience in a way meant to inspire all levels of skiers to go beyond the “how” and dig into the “why” of skiing. This guide helps students to find their way, or Tao, in skiing by incorporating essential lessons about: • Zen harmony with your skis; • how to achieve a “flow” state; • skill-building in a spiral; • a Yin and Yang approach to movement; • rhythm and timing; • learning by feeling; • mindfulness; and, • most importantly, how to relax and have fun. Steve’s unique approach covers how to build both mental and motor skills for tackling the slopes in a way that turns learning challenges into “AH-HA” moments. By implementing the seven key learning principles explored in this book, you too can transcend your skiing skills and soon be flowing on your next run down the hill.

“The principles Steve is explaining in this book will take your skiing to the next level!” —JF Beaulieu, Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance Level 4 Examiner "....a unique, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable cross training journey into a shared essence ...” —Guro-Sifu William E Hearst, Hearst Academy of Martial Arts

Steve Harris has a passion for skiing and has trained with mentors such as J. F. Beaulieu, Guy Paulsen, and Steve Smart. He has trained with karate masters including Teryuki Okazaki, and JKA Kumite World Champion, Masahiko Tanaka. Steve’s martial arts skills include many years of study in Chinese Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Filipino Kali. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with his wife Cora.


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