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Leadership, Accountability, Leadership integrity, Culture change, Leading by example, Leadership values, Business leadership

How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability
Three Habits That Make or Break Leaders and Elevate Organizational Performance
by Michael Timms

Leadership development consultant Michael Timms has discovered three powerful habits that not only make one a better leader, but also encourage those they lead to take greater accountability themselves. Using a compelling combination of teaching principles and illustrations backed by loads of scientific studies, Timms reveals three habits of personal accountability that are easy to implement and which can instantly begin transforming positional leaders into true leaders who inspire everyone to take more accountability for results.

“The ultimate guide for embracing accountability as a leader! Learn to create a culture for your team and company that inspires humble accountability and improves the trust and collaboration of all!”

– Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“Accountability is a vital and rare differentiator of great leadership, which is why Michael Timms has written this important and timely book. I thoroughly recommend this book to every leader.”

– Ed Sims, CEO, WestJet

“There is a gap in developing great leaders and Michael Timms has clearly found the bridge. The three habits of personal accountability will help

anyone and everyone as it has certainly done with our leaders.”

– Lawrence Eade, President, Purdys Chocolatier

“I have read many leadership books and this one for me is ground-breaking and has already changed my approach to leadership. I highly recommend this read not only to further develop your leadership acumen but to strengthen your relationships in all areas of your life.”

– Patricia Jones, President and CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation

“Michael Timms has created 3 simple success habits of personal accountability which is an invaluable resource for business leaders around

the world.”

– Nancy MacKay, CEO, MacKay CEO Forums

“The message of How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability elevates what people at Purdys are being asked to do: produce results, which is very different from completing tasks. It also shifts the communication from a competitive tone, focused on achieving department goals, to a cooperative

tone, focused on achieving common goals. This principles in this book are as applicable to leadership as they are to our personal lives.”

– Karen Flavelle, Owner & Chair, Purdys Chocolatier

“How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability is an effective business book that suggests means of developing work cultures focused on cultivating accountability. With its memorable mix of personal anecdotes and scholarly research, this is a grounded text. Easy to use and understand, this is a book marked by fun language that amplifies its points. It is confident in addressing the nuances of its difficult topic, ably imparting the notion that accountability is worth achieving, even if it takes hard work to do so.”

– Foreword Clarion Reviews

“A lean, sharp, and readable leadership enhancement program.”

– Kirkus Reviews

Michael Timms has dedicated his career to making leadership easier and to helping leaders and organizations reach their potential. As a leadership consultant, author, and speaker, he has taught thousands of people in leadership positions how to harness the principles of accountability to transform virtually every aspect of their operations.

This is the first book in his Creating Accountability series. His previous publications include Succession Planning That Works: The Critical Path of Leadership Development.

Michael lives in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley with his wife and three daughters.


Michael Timms

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