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Tyed and True
101 Fly Patterns Proven to Catch Fish
by Stu Thompson

Every fly fisher wants bragging rights about landing a 32-inch behemoth of a carp. Even better? Adding extra colour to your tale by hooking the monstrous fish with a fly tied from a tuft of your golden retriever’s fur. These are just some of the tips, tricks, and fishing anecdotes packed into Stu Thompson’s illustrated fly-pattern book. Thompson, who has been fishing in the province of Manitoba and beyond for more than 55 years, has smartly grouped flies into categories such as chironomids, wet flies, dry flies, and streamers. Every fly pattern is accompanied by detailed photographs and step-by-step instructions for tying flies that work for multiple species of fish. From simple to more difficult (but always effective) the 101 fly patterns in this book were developed, tested, and proven—not only by Thompson but also by his friends across North America and Europe.

"When I first began fishing with Stu Thompson many years ago I took a swim on Manitoba’s Red River trying to get another of his DDH Leeches after breaking one off on a large channel cat. In need of another fly my haste to get another one of Stu’s flies caused me to unexpectedly step into a hidden hole. After making sure I was alright Stu couldn’t stop laughing. To this day Stu still refers to me as “Hat Floater!” Stu and me are like-minded, both believing if a fish eats aquatic insects, baitfish and other invertebrates it can be taken on a fly rod. He ties flies designed to catch a variety fish, not to impress other fly fishers with their looks. Based on his years of experience Stu’s flies will help you cast more and larger fish. His attention to detail as to how the fly swims, behaves and performs in the water makes having a selection of Stu’s flies in your fly box a wise investment. When I am heading out on the water I always have an assortment of Stu’s flies within my fly box including his Easter Egg Bugger for Walleye and the Weedman’s Slider for chasing pike. My personal best pike, a 49” inch monster from Saskatchewan’s Reindeer Lake, came on a black Weedman’s. Tyed and True couples Stu’s outgoing nature along with his desire to help you catch more fish. Within the pages of this book Stu provides the fly fisher with an impressive selection of flies, all with proven track records on a wide array of fish including trout, char, northern pike, walleye, carp, bass and catfish. In addition to the pattern images and recipes, Stu graciously passes along his incite, tying tips and presentation recommendations so you can get the most out each pattern. I highly recommend adding Tyed and Ture to your fly tying library so you can experience more on the water enjoyment and success." Phil Rowley (AKA Hat Floater) Phil Rowley Fly Fishing --- "“Tyed & True” – by Manitoba angler and fly tyer Stu Thompson – is an innovative and diverse compendium of 101 fly patterns that represent a menu of flies that the author has either developed himself (I counted 69), or inspired and created by fellow anglers. The flies are not just focused on catching cold water species like trout and Arctic grayling, but field-tested on a vast array of warm water species ranging from channel catfish, freshwater drum, common carp, lake whitefish, goldeye and mooneye, to more conventional toothy critters like pike, walleye, and sauger (to name a few), along with an unconventional and hugely noteworthy catch of a lake sturgeon! With these fly recipes, you get a glimpse in to Stu’s extensive on-the-water experience and creative imagination, which is tempered by the pragmatic needs of a fly fisher for effective patterns, sifted and refined through the perspective of a commercial tier. The fly menu comprises diverse patterns that are straight forward to tie. The clear and stepwise instructions, along with high quality photographs of flies make this book a very useful contribution and reference for fly fishers. Indeed, I think one of the most valuable aspects of Stu’s fly recipes, is their application for catching fish outside of his home waters of Manitoba. The flies range from being buggy and detailed enough to fool the most selective feeders in low water conditions, to invoking aggressive strikes from visual predators, and solid eats from fish relying on sound and movement profiles in murky waters. Like most original and effective fly patterns, Stu’s flies will find their way in to flyboxes of anglers across Canada, North America, and around the world in one shape or another. In my opinion, these patterns are hallmarks of a master angler and flytier. Thank-You Stu! I am looking forward to tying and fishing these fly patterns, and someday soon to field-test flies with you on your homewaters." John Nishi Millarville, AB --- "If you enjoy fly tying and fly fishing for a wide variety of fish species, you're sure to find Stu Thompson’s new fly tying book an extremely helpful and insightful resource. The detailed photography and tying instructions that can be found within this book are truly remarkable, and greatly simplifies the replication process for fly tyers. Stu’s use of both traditional and modern fly tying materials and techniques, has led to the creation of some very innovative fly patterns. This book is sure to please and inspire fly tyers and fly fishers across North America and abroad." Todd Oishi - Member of Fly Fishing Team Canada --- "Stu Thompson’s meticulously tested fly patterns are simple, highly original and catch fish like crazy. In this must-have book, he generously shares them with the rest of us. The photos are superb, the tying instructions are straightforward and, even better, include something most fly-pattern books neglect: actual real-world fishing advice for every fly. Rather than gathering dust on a shelf, Tyed & True will spend its life wide open, well thumbed and sitting beside your fly-tying vise." Scott Gardner, associate editor & fly-fishing columnist, Outdoor Canada magazine

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Stu Thompson has been casting his fly rod into Manitoba’s lakes and rivers and tying flies since the 1960s. When he’s not sitting at his vise, cranking out a dozen bucktail streamers, he writes for American Angler, Canadian Fly Fisher, Outdoor Edge, Outdoor Canada, and other regional magazines. Thompson has also shared his fishing expertise by delivering seminars throughout Canada and the US, making TV and radio appearances, and working as a casting instructor in the movie industry. When he’s not fishing you may be able to catch Stu at Cabela’s in Winnipeg. He enjoys nothing more than sharing his enthusiasm for fly fishing and witnessing the excitement of others catching and landing their first fish on the fly rod. Tyed and True: 101 Fly Patterns Proven to Catch Fish is his first book. Stu lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his wife, Rebecca and springer spaniel, Gunner. His three children and their families also live in Winnipeg.


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