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The Dragon Curve
A Magical Math Journey
by Alicia Burdess

Aiyana finds a long, skinny strip of paper on the ground that looks like a road. As she follows the road, she folds the paper in half, and it becomes a mountain for her to climb. With every fold, she makes a new shape, one that fuels her curiosity in wonderful ways and takes her on a magical journey into the world of fractals. This is a beautiful story about the power of imagination, mathematics, and the world around us. It is a chance for readers of all ages to catch a glimpse of the beauty of math and inspire the joy of their own inner mathematician. Fold along with Aiyana and see the magic unfold!

“Start with a playful adventure, add some delightful mathematics, multiply by the joyful curiosity of a child, and you will equal this brilliant tale. A definite read for the whole family to discover and create their own unique link to the magic of math.”

—David Martin, math coach, math leader, Twitter math education hero

"I love how everything she made with one simple piece of paper turned into all of this!"

"I love how the book requires imagination. It takes me back to when I was a child."

"This is a great way to introduce younger children to math."

"This is going to inspire kids!"

—Kylie Fraser’s grade nine math students

"Really cool idea of paper folding."

"I like the repeating pattern in the book."

"The illustrations are awesome!"

"This book is very peaceful."

—Jennifer Trydal’s grade six class

"This is what my kids had to say:

"Wait! There’s still more to read!"

"It’s like a real treasure hunt!"

Thank you for this experience with them."

—Rebecca Gonci, high school teacher, mother of two young children

"This story so beautifully captures the essence of exploring mathematics: its imagination, its depth, and its surprises, as “simple” ideas unravel to reveal a universe of wonders to embrace. This is a gem of a book!”

—James Tanton, research mathematician, founder of the Global Math Project, promoter of joyful math for students and teachers around the world

"Children and adults alike will be mesmerized by this adventure into the world of dragons, boats, clouds, and goats, all of which help show the wonderful geometric patterns created by a perfect mix of story-telling, illustration, strips of paper, and imagination. What an excellent way to introduce children to the thrill of exploring, wondering, and asking questions, that is, to the world of doing mathematics."

—Nathalie Sinclair, university professor, mathematics education researcher, expert on the beauty and joy of geometry

“The Dragon Curve demonstrates that sometimes the simplest of ideas have the power to invite us into imaginative, curious, and never-ending mathematics. Invitations like these are critical for young learners as they build their identity as mathematical sense-makers both in the classroom and the home.”

—Nat Banting, father of two, mathematics teacher of many more, all-around mathematics education enthusiast

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Alicia Burdess is an Assistant Principal of an 8-12 school in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. She has fifteen years experience as a teacher, math coach, and instructional leader. She has served as the President of the Math Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association and currently sits on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Publishing Committee. She has a Master of Education Degree with a focus on Numeracy from Simon Fraser University. Her passion is working with teachers and students, engaging them with big, beautiful problems, building confidence and joy in teaching and learning math (in English and in French). She has two children, a husband, and a cat named Eli. You can explore her website and connect with her at

Katrina Shirley earned her degree in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has exhibited and created artwork and logos for private collections and companies across western Canada. Katrina currently works in Exhibitions and Collections and as a drawing instructor for two non-for-profit art galleries in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Her illustrations in The Dragon Curve reflect the connection she holds with her northern heritage. You can access her website and social media at


Alicia Burdess
Katrina Shirley

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