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Narcissism, Mental illness, Family dynamics, Siblings, Toxic relationship, Pathological liar, Manipulation

Bambi My Narcissistic Sister
by Laura Ricard

Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Everyone has known someone in their life with this disorder. Hopefully, you haven't had to endure them in your family. If you have you may recognize this special person in my sister Bambi.

A complicated character who possesses all the deception and manipulation you would expect and more.

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Laura Ricard is a proud Canadian Author. She lives with her husband Alain a veteran and retired chef in Edmonton, Alberta. Both have been blessed with many children and several beautiful grandchildren. All of them incredibly missed due to COVID. After 24 years working in Education primarily with special needs students, she retired and began to explore her writing career. Always searching for a creative path, writing has given her the opportunity to share her life experience and ideas. Her work includes fiction and non-fiction.


Laura Ricard

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