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Why Am I Still a Christian?
A Philosopher's Journey in Faith
by Joseph A. Buijs

Why am I a Christian? Why is anyone a Christian or remain a Christian? These questions can readily occur in our increasingly secular environment. A prevalent mind set suggests that there is no point to being Christian: that it is a cultural remnant of our upbringing, a belief system out of step with enlightened thinking, a moral code at odds with contemporary society. Does it, then, still make sense to adhere to a Christian tradition? Is it reasonable to be and remain Christian when atheistic criticisms imply otherwise? A philosophical excursion explores these questions under the headings of Tradition, Reason, and Faith. It critically discusses the what and the why of being Christian. It differentiates explaining how we may have acquired faith and Christian commitment from justifying why it may nevertheless be reasonable to have faith and to remain Christian. A personal narrative shows how approaches to these questions changed over the course of the authors personal life and academic career teaching philosophy. Why am I or why is anyone a Christian? Because, as the author concludes, it can be a reasonable choice to adopt and retain a Christian faith commitment.

Joseph A. Buijs is a professor emeritus of St. Joseph's College at the University of Alberta. He has taught philosophy for more than thirty years and continues to be an active parishioner of St. Thomas More Parish in Edmonton. His interest in the intersection between religion and philosophy arose early in his life and remained throughout his academic career. Both in his teaching and in his research, he explored issues dealing with the apparent conflict between faith and reason and with questions about God, theism, Christianity, and worldviews. He has published articles on these topics in a variety of journals: The New Scholasticism, Judaism, The Review of Metaphysics, Vivarium, Religious Studies and Theology, Studies in Religion/Sciences Religeuses, Medieval Encounters, The Journal of the History Philosophy, Catholic Education, Philosophia Christi, Sophia, and Fidelitas. He lives in Edmonton with his wife, Rosanne. They have four adult sons and three grandchildren.


Joseph A. Buijs

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