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Death letter, Anxiety, Fear, Coping tools, Mindfulness, Father-daughter, Panic attacks

My Dearest Madelyn
A Letter to My Daughter Before I Die About How I Vanquished My Fear and Anxiety
by Bryan Crane

There is so much advice on how to cure your anxiety from doctors, the super rich, and ambitious celebrities who don’t have the same fears that most people can relate to. So why are they giving advice on something they don’t relate to? A while ago a relatable barber made a lot of people financially wealthy. Now, a relatable janitor will make you mentally healthy. This touching and hilarious book started out as a letter to a daughter from a very ill father before he died, about how he conquered his debilitating anxiety, so that she had the same methods to do so as well. Bryan and his daughter Madelyn, have struggled with severe anxiety. Bryan eventually got very ill to the point of getting his last will and testament together. This caused crippling anxiety as he came to grips with the thought of his life ending. As the anxiety worsened, he had no choice but to research anxiety and fear if he was to save his own life. He spent the next four years researching anxiety and fear. He decided that getting his affairs in order meant writing a letter to his daughter before he died. When he thought the methods he learned could be beneficial to others, he wanted to share them with everyone that suffered with anxiety. Vanquish your ‘fear dragons’!

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Plan International’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ fund.

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Bryan lives in Ontario Canada with his wife and daughter.


Bryan Crane

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