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Sci-Fi, Adventure, Young Adult Fiction, Post-apocalypse fiction, Killer robots, Dystopian fiction, Teamwork and family

The Silver Men
by Tally Vivarais

Talia doesn't know how she survived the attack, but when she finds herself amongst a group of strangers, she realizes that she has a million questions. How to survive was always a question, but she needs an answer now more than ever. Without her memories, without a family, without anyone to trust, who can she turn to in a world where the Silver Men have returned?

The Silver Men, once a robotic tool for survival, now a threat to it. More questions arise:

How did they get out?

Who is controlling them?

Without answers, Talia tries to form new connections until they, too, see her as a threat to their survival. This brings forth the final question:

How far are you willing to go to protect your family?

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Tally is a student at Carleton University studying Forensic Psychology and American Sign Language. Originally from South Glengarry, currently in Ottawa, Ontario. She was introduced to writing by her sister at the young age of twelve and pushed to pursue by her best friend. She was once told that she would make the greatest supervillain of all time. So, read her books so it doesn't come to that.


Tally Vivarais

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