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Fivefold doctrines, Ecclesiology, Christian Bible doctrines, Christian churches, Reformation doctrinal truths, Christian church unity, Worldwide churches

Fivefold Reformation Doctrinal Truths
by John DeVries

If we love Christ, fellow believers and to be effective in serving our God as worship unto Him, we must know the five major Christian doctrines that divide the world churches.

Our soul and salvation of man is too important, for us to indulge in ignorance of these five doctrinal truths that destroy the ‘one body’ of Christ, and limits what the world sees by ‘the church’.

Our Lord wants all men to be saved. To further this, with the love of God and man, all should know the truth of:

• The fivefold church ministry government.

• An experiential baptism of the Holy Spirit.

• Real baptisms truth destroys infant baptism.

• If born of the Spirit and saved, can we lose our salvation?

• The vital and essential need for holiness.

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The author has ministered in several countries and especially in the Philippines, with church planting, conferences, writing books and manuals to further ‘fivefold’ ministry churches.


John DeVries

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