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Be a Change Agent
Leadership in a Time of Exponential Change
by Dr. Dele Ola

Are you painfully aware of the mismatch between outdated approaches and our rapidly evolving world? Dr. Dele Ola looks unflinchingly at the problem of resisting change and offers a wealth of expert guidance on how to embrace positive growth and foster development.

Be a Change Agent is a comprehensive examination of change leadership––the need for it, the qualities of change leaders, and the importance of having great change teams. In the first section of the book, Ola takes the reader through stories of fearless leaders and explores the VERITAS qualities that made them successful. The second section is about building collaborative teams that work well and have the independence to innovate without too much bureaucratic control. Ola’s years working with high-performance teams helped him develop an insightful tool for looking at three spectrums that cause tension in teams:

• The Systems Spectrum—Structure versus influence

• The Reaction Spectrum—Reflection versus action

• The Perspective Spectrum—Reality versus idealism

The Tensions Equalizer tool will change how you view the balance of members in your team. This book culminates in a discussion of the future of work, learning, enterprise, and innovation.

Complete with insightful questionnaires and reflection questions, Be a Change Agent offers a practical toolkit for both emerging change agents and seasoned influencers to evaluate their leadership qualities and become the very best they can be.

"Dele’s insights from the scientific world, bolstered with historical examples of past change agents, make for an engaging and informative journey. Readers will pick up valuable tips and tricks along the way to help them grow personally and professionally."

—Ken Doyle, Executive Director, Tech-Access Canada

"Dele Ola has put together a thorough and detailed examination of the mindset of a change agent. As you read this book, you can be confident that it comes from someone who lives out his life with integrity and a genuine commitment to these principles in his family, community, and work spheres. You will enjoy diving into this comprehensive work that will equip you to be a better leader in the ever-changing landscapes of life and business."

—Aubrey Krahn, Pastor, Church of the Rock Winnipeg

"Dr. Ola uses relatable real-life examples that are easy to understand to illustrate the necessity of change and the role that our mindsets play in holding us back from effecting or embracing change. You will find this book very useful if you are aspiring to effect transformational change or if you need to adapt to a new change in your personal life or business."

—Dr. Dami Adedapo, P.Eng., Associate Principal, KGS Group

"It is obvious to me that Dele put a lot of thought, effort, time, and personal experiences and beliefs into this relatively concise, easy to read and understand book about how to be a successful leader in a world where the rate of change is accelerating. Anyone interested in being a better leader in a time of change needs to read Be a Change Agent."

—Ray Hoemsen, FEC, P. Eng., President & Managing Director, NEXUS Manitoba

"Be a Change Agent by Dr. Ola is such an inspiring and intriguing book. This book will challenge your thinking about the future. It is indispensable for anyone who wants to lead change."

—Busola Adekoya, RN, MN, Nursing Educator

"In reading this book, it is evident that Dr. Dele Ola has combined his love of higher learning, his strong commitment to innovation, and his natural ability to lead while creating this work. Dele’s life experiences provide relatable examples and have guided him to a unique perspective on this important topic to consider in our ever-changing environment."

—Heather Smart, P.Eng., Director of Engineering, Precision ADM

"Dr. Ola has provided us with a framework to initiate and sustain change as leaders and team role-players. Be a Change Agent helps us to embrace change as the absolutely necessary means to improvement. The thoughts and principles in this book inspire me. I look forward to more books from Dr. Ola."

—Opeyemi Onifade, CISSP, CISA, CEO of Afenoid Enterprise Limited, Nigeria

"Dele has unpacked important fundamental principles of change leadership with practical examples to help you effect the kind of change you desire. I highly recommend this book for every potential, emerging, and established leader."

—Dr. Tolulope Sajobi, Associate Professor and

Senior Research Statistician, Community Health

Sciences and Clinical Neurosciences, University

of Calgary

Dr. Dele Ola, P.Eng., is a change leader, a seasoned public speaker, and an accomplished professional engineer. He has assisted a large number of businesses to adopt new innovative processes and technologies that significantly improved their competitiveness. He has taught and mentored individuals and groups in the areas of communication, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. Dele is passionate about corporate leadership, personal growth, skills development, and technology innovation.

Dr. Ola started his career in the management consulting industry when he joined Accenture, a global Fortune 500 company. He moved into the field of applied research in aerospace and manufacturing at Red River College, one of Canada’s premier polytechnic institutes, where he became the Director of the Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing.

Dr. Ola earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He is the recipient of the 2016 Research Excellence BRAVO Award. He also received the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award from Toastmasters International.

As an active leader within Canada’s innovation and applied research ecosystem, Dr. Ola continues to lead change in his work. His vision is to develop change agents that will challenge the status quo and take charge of the future.


Dr. Dele Ola
Vern F. Campbell

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