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Time travel, Science Fiction, Action Adventure, Futuristic, Space travel, Father/son relationships, Seventeenth century

Nexus Point
by K. Pimpinella

Late in the twenty-second century, teams of Time Rangers travel back in history to capture Time Runners, renegade time travellers who endanger the future by changing the past. Kai Sawyer, son of a rear admiral who was a founding member of the Time Ranger unit, is a Spawn, a genetically enhanced human with powerful strength and abilities. But despite his advantages, he carries the burden of his father’s cold and calculated plans for Kai’s future.

As Kai rises through the ranks to become the Time Rangers’ youngest commander ever, he must constantly prove himself to fend off perceptions, even from his own team, that nepotism is behind his meteoric rise. But when Kai and his team are sent to seventeenth-century France to capture a sadistic Time Runner altering the arc of medical advances, Kai finds his considerable strengths used against him. And he fears that he might be a pawn in a dark scheme concocted by mysterious forces even he can’t defeat.

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K. Pimpinella has been a paramedic for twenty years, and she was a trooper in the Canadian Queen’s York Rangers. A lifelong fan of science fiction, she has been writing since she was old enough to read.

She lives in a log cabin surrounded by forest and a farm in Tiny, Ontario, where she can see the night stars, along with her husband, Robert, and their three dogs, Jackson, Dallas and Thor. Nexus Point is the first novel in the Time Ranger series.


K. Pimpinella
Randy Surles

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