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Methodist church, church camps, youth groups, Christianity, memoir, New York State, sailing

Sing Along With Me
Sequel to This Is My Story, This Is My Song
by Leonard S. Buxton

Step into the strange vagaries of a clergyman’s life, one dotted with hills and valleys, successes and betrayals, and a generous dose of serendipity.

Walk along with Reverend Leonard S. Buxton, a clergyman who rejected the strict dictates of his preacher father, as he finds his own path to honesty and undeserved grace. Surrounded by conversative values, Buxton nonetheless embraces liberalism and progressive ideology, both within the church and in the U.S.'s civil rights struggles of the 1960s. The book follows the talented minister through more than a dozen parishes, as both a pastor and a counselor.

Sprinkled with humor and filled with stories of camping, theatre, family trips, and world-wide tourism, Sing Along With Me is a testimony of faith and song. It’s an unbelievable drama and a hope-filled measure of encouragement and comfort.

"I found Len Buxton's book a page turner. His honesty, intimacy and good humor surface over and over. He went from a stranger whose book I just happened upon, to a person I'd love to have a long conversation with comparing notes of life. I'm eager to read his second volume. It is a precious and tender fascination to simply lean-into another person's life story."

—Rev. Rich Lang, United Methodist Church, Kirkland, WA

“One of Len Buxton’s many gifts is his grasp of the power of story. His attention to details, interpretive skills, and a keen sensitivity to the formative influence of history are remarkable. As Len embraces and explores the stories from place to place, he unfolds the impact of relationships, contexts, and the layers of intimacy that awaken our own journeys and reflections. Not only do we have stories, but Len recognizes that each of us are a “story” in the most profound sense of what it means to truly live.”

—Rev. Dr. Ed Zeiders, President Emeritus, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio.

“With extraordinary recall, a story teller’s skill, and a pastor’s heart, Len Buxton weaves a witness to a life of faith, hope, and trust. The account of his long career as a faithful servant of Christ is compelling and inspirational and is infinitely readable. His biography spans almost three quarters of a century of church history and demonstrates his commitment to the intersection of faith and culture. Readers will be blessed.”

—Bishop Jane Allen Middleton, Retired, The United Methodist Church.

“Wow! What a story! What a life! What a storyteller! I couldn’t put it down.”

—Rev. Sarah Miller, Retired Superintendent, The United Methodist Church.

Reverend Leonard S. Buxton has fulfilled his calling as a parish clergyman and counselor in dozens of parishes across the United States. Sing Along With Me is the sequel to This Is My Story, This Is My Song, published in 2019 by FriesenPress, which covers the first forty-four years of Buxton’s life.

Buxton now lives in a senior retirement community in the small city of Pittston, in northeast Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife of sixty-three years.


Leonard S. Buxton

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