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father’s story, family memoir, immigrant, immigration essay, New Brunswick, Canada, Great Britain.

We Are All Immigrants
by Douglas Arch

The immigrant journey is often complex. Every person who came to Canada for a better life faced hardships and paid a price to be here. In We Are All Immigrants, author Douglas Arch, the son of immigrants, explores the untold stories of diverse immigrants—hailing from various countries, religious backgrounds, economic statuses—whose hard work contributed to the formation of Canada. Douglas particularly highlights his father’s immigration story as a Home Child sent from Great Britain to live with a family from a New Brunswick farming community in 1922.

This book acknowledges Indigenous peoples’ presence in Canada long before immigrants arrived and stole their land. Immigrants also faced struggles of their own, such as the Irish and Protestant immigrants who fought in their quest to become Canadians in the 1800s and 1900s. Yet many immigrants, like the McCain family (creator of McCain Foods), triumphed with their successful inventions that are now ingrained in the fabric of Canada.

Immigrants were and continue to be integral to the building of Canada. Even if you are a descendant of immigrants, We Are All Immigrants begs the question: at the end of the day, aren’t we all immigrants?

Douglas Arch has worked as a government employee. Douglas is also the author of The Life of a Screw (2010) and the children’s book, The Three Wees (2017).

Douglas lives in Woodstock, New Brunswick, along with his family.


Douglas Arch
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