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Psychic, Lawyers fiction, Blackmail, Legal thriller, Love story, Mind reading, Dogs and animals

Wally, a lawyer has psychic abilities. His eyes are like a computer. Everything he sees is scanned into his unlimited memory. He can also scan other people's memories and read their minds just by touching them. Wally never forgets and has the ability to retrieve any information he wants. His grandparents taught Wally how to pray and meditate. His grandfather taught him Cossack dancing so he could defend himself. Wally uses his psychic abilities to help people. Wally used his psychic abilities to score the highest marks in law school. He also helped other students with their studies. Wally met his match with the beautiful Elizabeth. Wally has to use his psychic abilities and Cossack dancing skills to protect him and his family from the mafia and government agencies.

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Walter Strychowskyj is a retired cab driver. For over 30 years he has been trying to write a novel. He stared to write many novels but was never able to complete any of them. When Walter retired he started to write a novel. This time he had enough time and perseverance to complete writing his first novel. Walter lives with his wife in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Walter Strychowskyj

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