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Hymns, Sermons, Religious poetry, Collected works, Religion, Christianity, Worship

Milne's Musings
In prose and poetry, a prairie preacher ponders life and its meanings; death and resurrection
by Rev Don Milne

Don Milne has been serving others through ministry for over fifty years. Through his work in various communities and with various congregations and clergy members, Don has experienced great joys alongside great sufferings. His writing spans genres, from biographical stories to poetry and hymns. He’s written sermons for celebrations and memorials for those in grief. Milne’s Musings is a collection of what Don believes to be his best written work. Broken into three sections: stories, poetry, and remembrances, readers of Milne’s Musings will bear witness to the love of God as it shines through Don’s writing.

In 1959, Don Milne became an ordained minister, but God’s presence in Don’s life shone through him long before then. As a young boy growing up in Kelvington to a family man living in Yorkton, Don has routes all across Saskatchewan. His passion for his province and country, paired with his calling to share God’s unyielding love, led Don to a life in the church. Milne’s Musings is a sampling of Don’s contribution to communities and people far and wide, which he presents to readers in the hope it is a blessing. It is Don’s wish that readers see God in his writing and take comfort in God. Now living in Regina, where Don ministers to those in need despite residing in a care home due to a challenging Parkinson’s diagnosis, Don embodies his life’s purpose of service. Supported by his wife of sixty-five years, Sylvia, their three children, thirteen grandchildren, and fifteen great-grandchildren, Don continues to be a vessel for God’s love.


Rev Don Milne

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