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    • development of vascular surgery in Vancouver,
    • development of vascular surgery at UBC,
    • becoming a vascular surgeon,
    • vascular surgery techniques,
    • reflections of a vascular surgeon,
    • how to succeed in medicine,
    • vascular surgery history

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Audible Bleeding
The Origin and Development of the VGH Vascular Surgery Division
by York N. Hsiang

Audible Bleeding, The Origin and Development of the VGH Vascular Surgery Division describes the development of vascular surgery in Vancouver from its inception in 1978 to 2020. The book examines how and why vascular surgery developed into its own specialty, the personalities who established the division and those who continue to practice the craft, outlining the unique opportunities and challenges they have encountered along the way. The evolution of vascular surgery in Vancouver is explored, with explanations given as to why it differs from other centres. Dr. Hsiang shares his personal insights into medical and surgical education, not found in textbooks, including discussions on the need for changes to the medical system, and the obligation to continue the pursuit of excellence in the art and science of vascular surgery. Undoubtedly of interest to other physicians and surgeons, this book will also appeal to anyone seeking an insider’s perspective on surgery, medical issues, and how political pressures impact the practice of medicine. Medical students and residents seeking a career in vascular surgery will find the additional sections of practical information not taught in medical school or residency to be invaluable, as an important guide on how to succeed in medicine. For the general public, the book will shed light on why it is difficult to find a family physician, why there are long wait times for medical services, and why surgeons face a multitude of pressures with each case.

Dr. York Hsiang is a professor of vascular surgery, having completed his surgical residency at the University of British Columbia from 1982 to 1987, and has been an attending surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital since 1989. He has played a pivotal role in the development of the specialty, conducted multidisciplinary clinical and biomedical research, and published many scientific articles and book chapters on vascular surgery. He currently resides in Vancouver with his wife, and is a proud father and grandfather.


York N. Hsiang

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