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Women’s fiction, Romance, Lesbian love stories, Mature women, Family drama, Interior design, Environmental engineering

No Sweeter Touch
A Story of Loss and Redemption
by Beatryce Ruby

A riveting and engrossing love story, NO SWEETER TOUCH follows the vivacious widow and the introverted only child of Professor Barton Reeves. In their quest for completion and through their evolving relationship, the grieving stepmother and stepchild discover astonishing new paths of romance and redefine their family ties in shocking new ways.

Rising from bittersweet childhoods of parental loss and absence, they miraculously manage to carve out lives of triumph and accomplishment. They are redeemed by devotion to each other and a close-knit “family” of characters who support them in their difficult moments and celebrate them in their triumphant moments.

The central characters evolve in ways that command the reader’s attention and leave the reader agape and wanting more. Deep empathy with the central characters will leave readers reminiscing and wanting to be a part of the lives of the characters with whom they will identify along so many parallels.

Twists and innuendo add spice and intrigue to the story in ways that grab the attention and curiosity of the reader, who will wonder about the outcome of this uplifting story and will be loath to lay the book down when the story comes to its end.

Beatryce Ruby has been an international bed and breakfast operator in Alaska and an English teacher in California. She has survived a hot air balloon crash in the Mojave Desert, an over the cliff and down the mountain auto crash in the Tehachapi Mountains, and a ski crash in Devil’s Head, Wisconsin. When enjoying a more tranquil life on terra firma, she writes engrossing adult stories, fanciful children’s stories, ruminative poetry, inspirational vignettes, and arresting short stories.

Receiving her BA from California State University, Los Angeles, studying Romance languages and linguistics at UCLA, she completed her teacher training through the University of San Diego. Now living in the Southeast, she observes the sprawling natural surroundings and the madding crowd. With these as her inspiration, she derives fresh ideas for new stories.


Beatryce Ruby

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