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Bible Stories, animals, Old Testament, faith, childhood, imagination, family

Radar & Rabbit on Noah's Ark
by Pamela J. Scott

Unable to play outside because of an intense rain storm, little Michelle sits on her bed and looks at her toy replica of Noah’s Ark, imagining what life was like for the animals during the Great Flood. Suddenly, her favorite toys—a teddy bear she calls “Radar,” and a rabbit she calls “Rabbit” —come to life and pick up the story. Through the voices of these toys, readers are treated to a delightful tale of the antics of the stuffed animals’ ancestors who accompanied Noah through the exciting Bible story of the flood. Radar imagines what it would have been like to cling to the last tree on a mountain as the water rose higher. Rabbit imagines what his ancestors looked like.

Enhanced with beautiful illustrations, Radar and Rabbit on Noah’s Ark is ideal for bedtime or Sunday school story time. It’s an engaging, creative retelling of a classic story from scripture that children will want to read over and over again.

Pamela J. Scott photo

Pamela Scott has a passion for reading biblical stories for children that are taught in most Sunday Schools. She enjoyed reading bedtime stories to her three children during their toddler years. Her sons and her daughter would listen intently as she would accentuate the actions of the biblical story characters that she was reading about. She loved to add her own impressions to the stories that would make the characters come alive. This made her story reading exciting and adventurous to the children who were gathered around her as she read. They enjoyed hearing her read the same stories over and over again.

The story of Radar and Rabbit on Noah’s Ark is an extension of her creative story telling. Pamela shared her story of Radar and Rabbit on Noah’s Ark with her husband Clemmie and their friends Gary Reynolds, Lee B. Malone, and her son Marcus Malone.

As Pamela described the imaginary characters in her book Radar, Rabbit, and Grandpa Rabbit, the group developed the illustration concepts for the book. Pamela has enjoyed the journey in bringing this book to print. She is currently working on her second book in a series of children’s books.


Pamela J. Scott
Candyce McCown
Lee B. Malone

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