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strong female, 1850’s, goldrush, ocean voyage, Fort Victoria, shipwreck, family

Charlee LeBeau & The Salish Wind
by c.v. gauthier

Charlee Lebeau has to disappear. With the help of her best friend Jake and the San Francisco Underground Railroad, she talks her way onto a merchant schooner bound for Fort Victoria in the British Territories, an ill-gotten gold mine share certificate in hand. But pretending to be a cabin boy is the least of her challenges, as the journey north proves to be much more than she bargained for . . .

“They pulled a burlap bag over my head. My neck wobbled as they lifted me and carried me out like a sack of potatoes. I couldn't fight. Help! Mizzy! Mrs. Plea! I'm being kidnapped! They couldn't hear me. The words tore around in my head and crashed in the back of my throat as I plunged into darkness.”

This new book from C.V. Gauthier, packed with extraordinary characters and thrilling adventures, continues the tale that began with Charlee Lebeau & the Gambler’s Promise.

Praise for Charlee LeBeau & The Gambler’s Promise

Fiction Winner 2020 -- Whistler Independent Book Award

“This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I was captivated from the first word to the cliff-hanger ending.”

—Canadian Authors WIBA Judge

“...a rollicking adventure of the wild west, packed with tall tales of treasure and romance, tragedy, and the dark deeds of villains...a deeper story about a young woman struggling with loss and finding, in her grief, the ability to not only cope, but to forge her own identity and


—Gail Anderson-Dargatz

“...I suggest this be whole families, not only for its evocation of time, place and character, but for the themes it fleshes out so well: the strength of girls, the nonsensical cruelty of racism, the human costs of greed, the redemptive power of friendship...”

—Darcie Friesen Hossack

c.v. gauthier photo

C.V. (Cindy) Gauthier has always lived on the west coast of British Columbia. She usually divides her time between the village of Steveston on the Fraser River and the old growth forest of the Sunshine Coast at Okeover Inlet.

Before turning to fiction writing, Cindy spent three decades as a secondary school educator in Vancouver. During that time, she was always writing something, from educational blogs and columns to open learning materials for the Commonwealth of Learning. The Charlee LeBeau Series is her first set of novels.

Although the series is classified under Young Adult and Historical Adventure, adult readers have found the novels resonate with their own personal histories, experiences and family stories. The series is ideal for junior high school students and is a particularly empowering read for young people. The books are written from a powerful place of hope and redemption, where no matter where you are from or what may happen in your life, it is possible to transcend and make the world a better place.


c.v. gauthier

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