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God Created in Genesis, Universe belongs to God, Invention of rebellion, Lucifer’s rebellion, God judges rebellion, Six Days in Genesis, “God said, Let there be”

The Hidden Link, An Awesome Secret
God’s Wisdom and Lucifer’s Counterfeit in Genesis
by Coleen McAvoy

A long time ago, God unveiled some things to Job that were far beyond the capacity of a person to understand. He said to Job “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” He told Job that the angels shouted for joy when they saw what God had created. The Bible tells us that one of these angels had the privilege of walking in the Garden of Eden that was in the heavens. He had an amazing view of God’s creation. He also was given some responsibility. However, this angel made a big mistake. As you read through this book, you will discover the mistake. You will also begin to see God from an angle that may be new to you. Many of God’s secrets have been hidden since eternity past.

Parents will find that this book has the potential to serve as a starting point as they guide their early adolescent children to stay the course. You may wish to slowly read the book with your children, section by section.


Coleen McAvoy
Veronica Chung
Katelyn Sieb and the Artists Helping Artists team

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