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Dystopian novel, Young adult fiction, Believing in oneself, dictators, redemption, futuristic, heroines

by Jillian Devries

The year is 3187. The free country formerly known as Canada lies in ruins. A tyrannical despot rules over this totalitarian society. Jacob is an interrogator. He is very good at his job, following every order he is given, breaking every one of those he interrogates. Katelynn is an illegal child, hidden for her entire life. She lives in an attic, dreaming about being free. They live in a broken world, one ruled by a cruel dictator. Every known citizen is tagged with a small chip, identification cards. Officially, Katelynn is not a person, because she doesn’t have one. After 16 years in an attic, Katelynn comes to make a decision, one that will change her country forever. When Jacob is assigned a new victim, he has no idea who she is. She is merely another person to be broken. Over the course of the interrogation, he learns things about himself and his family that he never realized, that he never understood. Katelynn becomes what those who knew her thought she never could. It takes a journey that will test all her strength and determination as she fights for the country that rejected her.

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Jillian Devries grew up in a small town in northern BC, one that you have probably never heard of, and she went to a small school that most people in the town have never heard of. Growing up, she could often be found hidden somewhere with her nose in a book, or with a notebook under her desk, writing during a boring class (namely all of them). This tale was inspired by a teacher at her school. The majority of it was written when she was sixteen. You can find her blog at and her Instagram account at teenage_writer123. This is her debut novel.


Jillian Devries

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