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Vampires, True love, Family drama, Motherhood, Paris, Found families, LGBTQ

A Menagerie of Eclectic Souls
by Raven F. Grillo

REBECCA DISAPPEARED OUTSIDE OF PARIS a few days before Christmas. She was on her way to meet her lover Adriano.

After two agonizing months searching, to his shock and horror Adriano finds Rebecca kneeling over the corpse of a rabbit drained of its blood.

He soon discovers that there is something very different and perplexing about Rebecca. Is it her amnesia from the accident?

Adriano’s troubling past comes back to haunt him relentlessly, leaving him feeling angry, horrified and overwhelmed with the complexity that lies ahead, forcing him to one day take unspeakable action.

A Menagerie of Eclectic Souls continues from the dark and exciting novella Thirsting For Life. This intricate journey weaves through a tapestry of old and new connections, intertwined with deep emotions from the past and present. Human struggles of anxiety, isolation and fear bind these individuals. Their hearts and souls test the threads of love, vulnerability and humanity as they unravel, revealing their truths and their secrets.

Will love, truth and friendship transcend the limits imposed by modern society?

Francesca Grillo discovered her love for writing at a very early age and was inspired by vampire and goth themes in literature through great legendary authors like Bram Stoker, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, and Anne Rice. Her poems and writings always touch on the darkness that finds its way through light. Her empathy for these tortured characters helped her create her own fictional world and taking a leap of faith later on in life she wrote her first book, the novella Thirsting For Life. Through her life experiences she found the words and inspiration to continue the story and A Menagerie of Eclectic Souls found its way on the pages.


Raven F. Grillo

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