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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

cats, animal rescue, animal adoption, Alberta, cat and dog friendship, catnip, cat mint

RJ's Journey
While Waiting to be Found by GivinCuddles Books

RJ the kitten is used to hiding in the back alleys of Red Deer, Alberta, where he lives.

One day humans capture him and take him to an animal shelter. Day after day, they bring him fresh food, and water hoping that he will come out from hiding in the back of his cage.

With time, RJ learns that humans can be kind and it’s safe to eat the food, and greet them at the door. He is finally ready to find a new home. But how long will he have to wait? Will he ever find a loving family?

Based on a true story, RJ’s Journey follows a patient cat that longs to be free again.

RJ’s Journey is GivinCuddles Books’ second children’s book. Her love for animals has inspired her to bring joy to children and parents alike by sharing stories of the animals that she has rescued. She understands the expense that goes into caring for animals and hopes to help more animals by sharing the profit from these books with like-minded people. She lives in Alberta with her husband, two dogs, ten felines, and a hamster.


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