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Acing Your Job Search
Strategies to Succeed Where Other Job Seekers Fail
by Roy Mapleton


Job seekers spend hundreds of hours applying for jobs with little to no luck.

1. Not knowing how to maximize their job search strategy

2. Absence of a compelling resume or cover letter

3. Lack of knowledge of body language

4. Inexperience at interviewing and responding to tough situations

5. Ineffective at tying it all together and concluding effectively

Most guidance available for job search is either confusing, or scattered, or just incomplete. Don’t set yourself up for failure by looking in the wrong places.

Regardless of what job you’re looking for, your experience or skill level: here’s your complete guide to every aspect of your search: creating your resume and other documents, improving your body language, applying and networking in the right places, and answering some of the most difficult HR interview questions.

To top it off, go beyond just getting a job, by using the tips in this book to improve your skills to make yourself more marketable!

"A thorough, useful resource for job seekers. ... This all-in-one job-search manual provides... a comprehensive approach to searching for a job from start to finish."

—Kirkus Reviews

Most successful people gained success by pursuing excellence, not money. Such people have one thing in common: they’re always working to improve themselves. They read, learn new skills, and keep growing to retain their competitive edge.

Too many people have struggled in the job market for want of guidance, and often we find that companies hire the wrong set of skills to fulfill their needs, due to lack of direction.

In the last fifteen years, I’ve attended more than thirty-five interviews. Due to a lack of guidance, for a while my success was zero percent. With constant improvement and hard work, I was able to turn things around. I decided to master a new subject periodically, and make myself a highly desirable candidate.

I’ve invested time and effort in re-learning what was taught at school, and becoming certified in certain tools needed for excellence in my job. To supplement this technical knowledge, I have taken certified courses in management, inclusive leadership, and entrepreneurship. My armory also includes training in body language, lie detection, and knowledge of seven languages.

From being unable to find a relevant job for more than a year after graduation, to presently working as a specialist in the aerospace industry, my career has been about diligence, faith, patience and continuous improvement.

I’m fortunate to have helped several people land interviews and jobs, while also training hiring managers and HR personnel on spotting red flags during interviews, getting the best out of discussions, and hiring suitable candidates.

During one such session, someone suggested I write a book so I could share my learnings, and reach more people than I could in person. It seemed like a great idea to me, too, because there’s no book available today that brings together all the components necessary for success in your job search, and also shares strategies that work.

Knowledge is useless unless shared with the people who need it. My greatest inspiration in sharing my knowledge is the value I hope to bring to you in your job search and your career.


Roy Mapleton

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