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Teaching textbook, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Trauma-informed teaching, Emotional intelligence, Cooperative learning, Primary education, Secondary education

Hearts and Minds Matter, Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belon
Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong
by Jackie Eldridge and Denise McLafferty

Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong is an invaluable resource for all educational stakeholders, including teachers, school administrators, classroom support personnel, students and parents. The work is based on the understanding that human potential, given the right learning conditions, is boundless. In it, authors Jackie Eldridge and Denise McLafferty explore the many positive and necessary attributes of inclusion. To maximize a child’s potential, they must feel they belong to, and are in, a predictable learning environment. Only through inclusion and the creation and sustainability of a safe community can children survive, thrive, and become resilient adults.

Grounded in research on human needs and wants, emotional intelligence, brain-compatible learning, and resilience, Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong provides educators with the foundation necessary to understand the power of belonging in safe, inclusive classrooms. This work provides a balance of theory and practice, with a wide variety of engaging strategies, tactics, and skills that can be immediately incorporated into the classrooms of today. The approach allows students to maximize their academic and social-emotional skills with trust and confidence. People can and will make a difference in the world, given optimal circumstances. Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong is here to help you build and sustain these conditions.

As a team, Jackie and Denise are a perfect match for this new venture of Hearts and Minds Matter. As educators, they bring a vital partnership of experience both from the classroom as well as the world of research, which gives a strong

evidence-base to this meaningful work.

Schools and classrooms are in such need of this focus in today’s world of turmoil from which many of our students emerge. Jackie and Denise have a rich background from years of working in schools as: teachers, consultants, administrators and trainers of social-emotional programming. These experiences emphasize the importance of creating a culture in classrooms and schools that provide a safe and welcoming place for students to learn and grown emotionally.

Ainsley Rose - Thistle Educational Development Inc.

Jackie and Denise are superior educators of educators!

Drew Williams

Professional Development & Instructional Support School District 72 Campbell River BC

Thank you for supporting our work in creating inclusive learning environments, which foster the development of confident and resilient learners at Maple Creek P.S.!!!!

Marisa Cerullo

Principal: Maple Creek PS. YRDSB

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Both long-time educators, Jackie Eldridge, Ed.D., and Denise McLafferty, M.Sc., have a combined total of eighty years experience in education, working in various roles throughout this field. They have led classrooms, schools, conferences, and more. Jackie and Denise continue to consult with teachers and school boards across Canada and around the world through their professional development company, Hearts and Minds Matter (HMM). This resource, Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong is supplemental to the learning provided through the HMM’s signature program. It is quickly evolving into a much larger contribution to international learning environments. Every educational stakeholder will gain invaluable tools from this book’s contents. For more information on the wide range of workshops, webinars and keynotes offered through Hearts and Minds Matter, please visit

For other works by the authors, please see Mindfulness: 15 Tips for Beginning a Mindful Practice by Dr. Jackie Eldridge and the next book to come in the Hearts and Minds Matter series: Hearts and Minds Matter: Nurturing Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence.


Jackie Eldridge
Denise McLafferty
Foreword by
Dr. Barrie Bennett

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