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women and careers, education, life planning, career paths, multigenerational, decision making, independence

The 'Starting Out' Years
by Charlene Brown

This collection of short stories follows six generations of young women choosing their paths in life. Influenced by those who came before them and the changing world around them, these young women discover how the unexpected can affect even the best-laid plans.

Inspired by the author’s own experiences and those of the women in her family, this autofictional account explores life-planning for young women from 1898 to present day and beyond, including all the shocking, and sometimes catastrophic, complications along the way.

The end of high school marks a turning point in the lives of young women. This book reminds women of all ages that, with endless possibilities in an unpredictable world, ups and downs are inevitable, and how we handle them makes all the difference.

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CHARLENE BROWN is the author of CounterEspionage Disinformation for Beginners, Plein air Painting, The Fine Art of Physics, and Inventing the Future with Computer-generated Clean Energy Haiku. The ‘Starting Out’ Years was inspired by the lived experiences of girls in five generations of her family, plus a near-future sixth generation. Charlene lives with her husband in Victoria, BC.


Charlene Brown

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