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Inspirational poetry, writing, the writing life, society, creativity, ambition, following dreams

Principals Of A Poet
by Randy Montoya

Poetry is about the rebirth of what I struggle with understanding myself as a person trying to establish myself as a poet. If this at all means anything to people who like poetry tells me to understand that the real struggle is Making sense of your work on your own terms. The understanding is related to my work as a poet is mainly concise referenced that helps me authorize this what I’m writing about and telling myself to understand my audience. The main goal here is to of what to understand the movement of my book should exist in the relationship where I question the very nature of society. I conclude in my poems what has been more frequent in my life is relating myself to the present reality that I know comes from the insecurity I have from progressing through these stages in my life. I greatly admire poetry because the significance tells me I can piece together words with what I make sense with my realization that I have with understanding what comprises a poem and how it applies to my work as a poet and an artist.

I feel that my relationship with poetry is mainly a topic of discussion because the theme comes down to the inference where I find myself subjected to the obligation where this terminology about poetry comes from the idea where I designate an understanding about the manipulation of what is art and how it fundamentally expresses the notion where I know makes any sense to me to know my artform. I feel I understand how to explain myself in poetry because I’ve understood this pattern where It tells me of an explanation of the concern of what is poetry to me. The artform itself is recognized as something generalized as modernization of society. I know I’m influenced by the style of poetry because this a reference itself is to understand where I’m coming from and how I’m able to make sense of my work as a poet.


Randy Montoya

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