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  • 192 pages
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  • 192 pages
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Zombies, Apocalypse, Toronto, Survival, Winter storms, Human nature, Warfare

North of the Dead
by Vince Salvatore

In the early hours of a winter morning in Toronto, a cataclysmic epidemic ignites. It begins with a cough, a fever, then unconsciousness, and before long, Canada’s most populous city is overrun with people rising from death with an infectious hunger for human flesh. Chaos consumes the urban landscape degenerates into a frozen, bloody hell.

A group of survivors converge in St. Casimir, a high-end Catholic school protected by a gated perimeter. There, they achieve some semblance of structure, making alliances, taking on roles, and combining their skills in order to outlast the apparent apocalypse. However, any conception of safety may be short-lived as both the dead and living threaten to drive them out into the merciless winter.

All that remains is hope and the will to live, but will this be enough when the future is as opaque as a blizzard, when love disintegrates into terror, and death lurks around every corner?


Vince Salvatore
Allister Thompson
Jennifer Dinsmore

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