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Christmas fable, Latin America, Christmas Abuela, Chain of Wishes, Jungle Myth, Children’s Book, If wishes were ponies

Weaving the Christmas Chain
by R. Brown and B.A.A. Brown

It is a special time of year in the jungle, and Angelica has been busily weaving and braiding all year to prepare for tonight—Christmas Eve.

What has she been weaving and braiding? Angelica has gathered cherished materials from the jungle, with the help of her animal friends, and has been making the wish-granting chain taught to her by her mama and abuela Tierra. The wish-granting chain must wrap around the whole world, exactly along the equator, on Christmas Eve, so that the children can cast upon it their one yearly wish for knowledge.

How will their wishes be granted? With the help of Abuela Tierra, the power of the earth and sky, and the network of Cotopaxi, the volcano, all children will wake up a little bit wiser come Christmas morning.

R. Brown and B. A. A. Brown have masterfully created a fable to be added to the Christmas collection. Whimsically written, with stunning narrative imagery, children and adults around the world will welcome the telling of Weaving the Christmas Chain.

R. Brown has travelled many different countries and experienced many different cultures. The inspiration for Weaving the Christmas Chain, however, didn’t come until she became a grandmother to grandson B. A. A. Brown, and they began creating stories together.

Having witnessed Christmas in South and Central America, R. Brown saw the disconnect between fables of Santa Claus and cultures outside of North America. She and B. A. A. Brown imagined a world in which Santa Claus wasn’t the only Christmas figure—a world in which other cultures are also reflected in Christmas fables. Thus, Weaving the Christmas Chain was borne. Together, the two wrote a Christmas fable that captures the imagination of youth and the mysticism of the holiday season, and honours South and Central American heritage.

R. Brown lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband, eldest daughter, and grandson, B. A. A. Brown. Weaving the Christmas Chain is the pair’s first book.


R. Brown
B.A.A. Brown
Rebecca Bender

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