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memoir, addiction, depression, family relationships, lessons from life, dealing with grief, loss of a parent

Be Kind. Dont Judge. Everyone has a Story.
by Richelle Fitzowich

“For years I would hide and cover up the truth of what I was, this would cause the loss of friends, and test my relationships with my family. Questioning my values, since the only thing that was on my mind was getting high. It was the only thing that would make me feel good, the only thing that would help take away all the pain.”

Abnormal is an inspirational and moving memoir of one young woman’s unending quest to continually improve and believe in herself, despite the adversities life has thrown at her. Richelle Fitzowich shares detailed stories of her family hardships; her own struggles with addiction and mental health; and the life lessons she has learned along the way. With reflections on grief, betrayal, and family, Abnormal is peppered with Richelle’s own original poetry, revealing the deep and meaningful connection she has made to her past experiences.

Written with honesty and candor, this memoir is a must-read for anyone feeling that they’ve lost their way and can’t find a way into the light.

The way the colours

fall together

it's like you're painting

the sky for me.

Every time I look

in the sky

I see your face,

feel you here

protecting me

all these years.

The clouds settle

on god's creation

from the ground

or sky

a beautiful


Richelle Fitzowich is a first-time author who decided to write down her experiences and emotions to navigate her tumultuous life. Eventually this therapeutic practice evolved into Abnormal, and she hopes her book will encourage others to stand up after being knocked down and to be proud of who they are. She is living proof that you can find happiness and self-acceptance after a life riddled with trials and tribulations.

Richelle lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her boyfriend and two dogs.


Richelle Fitzowich

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