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Middle Grade, Farm life, Farm Animals, Humor, Memoir, Christian, Spiritual

The Real Tails of Easy Yoke Farm
by Rosemary Ronnlund Belcher

When the Belcher family fulfills a lifelong dream of moving from the big city to a beautiful little farm, they don’t know much about farming. Melody, the youngest daughter, longs for a horse, and Crystal, her sister, wants sheep. But Rosemary, their mother, has a different wish…she’s always dreamed of having a llama! As time goes on, all the family members get their wishes granted, along with many, many more as the real tails of Easy Yoke Farm begin to arrive: fluffy and soft, short or wooly, long and swishy, and of course feathered. Before long, sheep, goats, geese, turkeys, dogs, cows, horses and even a herd of llamas roam the pastures.

From bottle-feeding baby goats, to singing “Old MacDonald” to soothe a cow in labour, to receiving life-lessons from a wise and generous guardian llama, Rosemary and her family undergo a dizzying learning curve in their wild and wonderful adventures on the farm. This sweetly entertaining introduction to farm life incorporates subtle lessons in both science and spirituality that enhance and contextualize these gentle stories. Those who must be read to, those who want to read for themselves, and those who want to read to others will all be enchanted by The Real Tails of Easy Yoke Farm.

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In the not-so-distant past, Rosemary and her family retired to a small farm with a desire for clean country air, homegrown food, and a more relaxed rural lifestyle. As city folks they arrived naive but armed with a love of God, each other, and animals. It was their lack of country smarts that led them to run their farm in a unique and wonderful way that produced special animals and this charming but true story.

Rosemary has always been active in volunteer and church-related activities, especially but not limited to those involving children. She has written many short stories, for children and adults, as well as devotionals and Bible studies. While at the farm she wrote monthly articles for a llama periodical, often of a comical nature about barnyard goings-on, and she also included many llama and animal cartoons for the same. Her cartoons have been commissioned, published in various locations, and are enjoyed as prints and original works hanging proudly in their owners’ homes.

She has published two books of poetry and continues writing and sharing poetry with others. With a fully-grown family, Rosemary and Tom, her husband, now enjoy many grandchildren and some great-grandchildren.


Rosemary Ronnlund Belcher

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