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family, siblings, childhood, school, babies, China, traditions

I'm a Big Sister Now!
by Iris Waung

I’m a Big Sister Now! is a children’s book about a proud little girl, Ava, who welcomes her little sister, Lia, into her family. Although uncertain at first, Ava soon takes on the role of big sister, and she enjoys teaching, playing with, and caring for her younger sibling. Based on conversations the author had with Ava, the book describes the developing relationship between the two sisters. The love they show each other as they play and learn together is evident throughout the book. These precious moments are memories to be cherished.

This book will engage young readers who have, or are expecting, a younger sibling. Children will easily relate to the special relationship that exists between two sisters.

Iris Waung is a recently retired librarian. In her spare time, she teaches floral design and enjoys golfing, oil painting, and playing with her two granddaughters. Iris’s first children's book, Nai-Nai and Me, describes precious moments that a grandmother and her granddaughter enjoy together. This, her second children's book, recounts the fun and loving relationship between a proud little girl and her younger sister. This book will engage young readers who read by themselves or who want to read to their younger siblings. Children will easily relate to the special relationship that exists between two sisters.


Iris Waung

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