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scripture, Christianity, prayer, meditation, faith, Bible study, devotions

The Bible and You
A Handbook of Help
by Vicki Oberski

This book is intended to be a Bible study guide to help people learn about Bible verses. You can carry it in your purse or bag. It will reach all ages, and anyone who reads the Bible will enjoy it. Readers can find faith, peace, hope, assurance, love, life, healing and all possibilities for them. Churches can use the book to study from, as well as Christian businesses, or ordinary folks. It can be read multiple times daily to help you in your life. This book encourages people to believe that the Bible is truth, peace, and life. Living in Christianity, and knowing God can help us with every day situations by staying in prayer and encouraged by the Word.

Jesus is the Lord who saves us, He is the key to salvation.

I wrote this Bible and You book to help others it has been a good help for me and I read it 2-3 times a day. Faith in our Lord is a nice idea to have. I got the idea from reading scripture on faith, love, hope peace and more and decided it would look good in a book form. I’ve been raised in Church and hymns and reading the Bible as well, praying to God for faith family and friends, and I pray for other people, even hurricanes, storms, and presidential elections even more Bible says we should pray without ceasing. God bless.


Vicki Oberski

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