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Religion, Sikh, Punjab, Juvenile Nonfiction, Middle Readers, History, Modern Religious Studies

What is a Sikh?
20 Questions about Sikhi and the Answers
by Sukhwinder Kaur Basra

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My hope is to reinvigorate the minds of children about the fundamentals of Sikhi.

Sikhi is one of the world’s main religions and we live in a multicultural world, so it is very important for everyone to have a basic understanding of all religions.

Sikhi is the fifth largest religion of the world. It is also one of the youngest world religions.

Sikhi is over 550 years old and was founded by Guru Nanak Ji. Today, there are approximately 26 million Sikhs around the world.

"Our children's worlds are too often marked by stress, anxiety, bullying, and disconnection. What is a Sikh? provides the message of equality, mindfulness, community, and inner peace - needed now more than ever. This book will appeal to all - the young and old, eastern and western as it is a universal message of learning, positivity, and love. "

—Dr. G. Shimi Kang

Child Psychiatrist, #1 Best-Selling parenting author, and founder of Dolphin Kids: Future-Ready Leaders.


Sukhwinder Kaur Basra
Dr. Manjit Singh Hunjin

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