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Nonfiction, Self-help, Personal growth, Women, Real estate, Self-actualization, Investing

Home Worthy
How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease by Sandra Rinomato

If you’re a woman – single, divorced, or widowed – and thinking about buying real estate, Home Worthy is essential reading. Home Worthy will guide you in exploring your values, beliefs, and goals when it comes to investing in yourself through real estate. Featuring true stories of women who have successfully purchased and others who have not, Home Worthy delves into the importance for women of building equity, explores the potential resistance from family and your inner critic due to cultural and social conditioning, the need to work from within yourself to build confidence, allow yourself to dream and to know that you are, in every respect, home worthy. Home Worthy is for every woman who has dreamed of home ownership. And in Canada right now, that represents one in four of all home buyers.

"A very honest and detailed reflection looking at what could be holding a woman back from buying property and outlining proven ways to overcome issues so she can move forward successfully towards homeownership. Learn from Sandra and others who have done just that. Sandra shares many wise, practical and supportive suggestions to help do what is best for you."

—Ardelle Harrison, co-author of Bank On Yourself: Why Every Woman Should Plan Financially To Be Single, Even If She’s Not

"Sandra has written a brilliant book that is a fascinating read and provides valuable insights and recommendations to create success; in every area of your life."

—Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author & Manifestation Mentor

"Sandra Rinomato is giving us all the opportunity to invest and believe and cheer on our future selves.... she can show you how to become Home Worthy and truly live your best life."

—Jann Arden, Singer-Songwriter

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Toronto real estate Broker/Owner and former host of the popular HGTV shows Property Virgins and Buy Herself, Sandra Rinomato, has over 25 years of experience in one of the toughest markets in Canada. She has worked with hundreds of clients, many of them single women, and understands the importance of first knowing yourself well, setting goals, remaining flexible, and keeping the goal of home ownership front and centre in your thinking. She lives in Toronto with her husband and business partner Gary MacRae and her two stepsons Cody and Albert.

Their beloved and very photogenic Nessie, the Old English Sheepdog, completes the family.


Sandra Rinomato

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