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Religion, Human consciousness, Visions, Seeing energy, Astral projection, Inner truths, Powers of the unconscious

Religious Osmosis
Visions & Inner Truths by Stephen Monk

RELIGIOUS OSMOSIS is information for people that are Religious, Spiritual and none Religious. It shows how human unconscious behavioural patterns intertwine with different doctrines and our relationships with friends, family, partners and people of different faiths and how to improve those ties. It also looks into how the human mind constructs different dreaming processes including none emotional and emotional visions, and how these processes intertwine with many historical doctrines. It brings light onto the psychological effects misunderstood human processes can have in regards to dreaming as your falling asleep called hypnagogic experiences, and as you are waking hypnopompic experiences. Religious Osmosis goes into detail how humans form certain truths to construct a personal reality, and these inner truths can link together and strengthen other beliefs. These inner truths have a self defence mechanism. It also informs the reader how to look for these inner truths inside themselves and others and notice how they can change with new knowledge. From sleep paralysis to seeing faces or hearing noises etc. as you fall asleep you will learn how emotion effects REM processes as much as our thoughts. How we have hit and missed unknowingly preprograming dreams and how to intentionally preprogram dreaming processes. Increase and gain more control in the hypnagogic dream states or how to less intensify the images, sounds and feelings if you had fear. In the book is an advance fatigue management system to assist in keeping motorist on the road and in the skies. Religious Osmosis brings an understanding to the table of oneself and others and strengthens inner and outer connections. Religious Osmosis is very bold information. Another book I wrote called, The Twelve Poems of Knowledge centers around dreaming practises etc. and there are poems in this book that teach as well.

Hello, my name is Stephen Monk. I have been studying how our minds work and that has taken me into the study of many religious and spiritual doctrines, psychology, dreams, hypnotism and neuro-linguistic programming. I have trained in the highest levels of NLP the master trainer training levels, received the title of master hypnotist and the title hypnotherapist from three different branches of hypnosis. More importantly I have been very prone to hypnagogic hallucinations or dream images for over four decades that I can remember. I wrote another book called The Twelve Poems of Knowledge about fifteen years ago, before I heard of the term hypnagogic. I had that book published professionally and put on main stream markets in 2019. It gives information on how to accomplish or enhance many things like lucid dreaming, astral travel etc. and as a bonus use self hypnosis for dream recall.


Stephen Monk

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