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Awaken To Your Truth
The Time Is Now
by Joanna Alexopoulos

Speaking through a gifted medium, who has channeled their message of faith and hope, ascended masters existing in a non-physical realm, in oneness with God, have delivered a revelation―one that will change our physical and spiritual existence and bring us, and our world, back into desperately needed balance.

“We come to you to lead the way in your self-discovery, in remembrance of who you are. We speak to you at this time, for this is the time of new beginnings. Light essences of crystallized forms penetrate the consciousness of your species, with thought forms and inspiration to facilitate the shift that will transform you, to live a life that is free from the egoic state that is contributing to the demise of your species. We love you and have been sent by God/Universal Intelligence to encourage, support, inspire, and awaken you to the truth of who you are. Our messages are of light and love.”

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After a lifetime of suffering from debilitating physical symptoms, inexplicable to the medical, psychological, and religious fields, Joanna Alexopoulos set out on a search for answers―a quest for knowledge of the unknown. It was on this journey that she came across an unexpected gift: the ability to channel energy from the universal intelligence via her spirit guides, whose mission it is to wake us to our own power, our own reality, which is very much in our control.

She learnt about God, life, and the life beyond. She discovered that she was an empath, highly sensitive, absorbing the emotional pain of others and the energetic imbalances of our planet.

Her struggle was not new, but her understanding of it changed her forever. Now she hopes to share what she has learned, giving voice to the entities who chose to speak through her, bringing their words and wisdom to a people in dire need of awakening.

Joanna lives in Toronto with her husband, and together are blessed with two children, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.


Joanna Alexopoulos

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