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Awaken To Your Truth
The Time Is Now
by Joanna Alexopoulos

Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is a highly inspirational, thought-provoking read gifted by a Higher Intelligence and delivered at a time when humanity most needs hope and direction. Ascended Masters speak directly to you in this captivating book. The love, support and guidance you receive will heal your heart and open your mind to endless possibility and opportunity. Awaken brings clarity and insight to a wide range of topics, both spiritual and physical. It is a read for all believers and non-believers, of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds, for those spiritually advanced or otherwise, for all who wish to expand their awareness, move towards ascension and create a better world.

5 stars

Get inspired, motivated, and refocused by reading Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now by Joanna Alexopoulos. I enjoyed reading Awaken because it represented everyone. Regardless of your belief system, there are fundamental truths from letting go, embracing the right things, loving yourself and others, and being grateful to executing the faith of humility. In Awaken To Your Truth, no stone is left unturned. This book is equipped to help you walk through your process of life knowing that you're not alone. The poems throughout add an element to soothe the soul. If you're struggling through some tough times especially during the COVID pandemic, this book is a must.

~Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

5 stars

Under the channeled guidance of the Ascended Masters, Joanna Alexopoulos outlines the human conditioning that has led us to accept, without question, a world that is corrupt, violent, materialistic, and uncaring. We have been misled by our politicians, religious leaders, and industrialists into accepting the current paradigm, but we must collectively accept responsibility for the state of planet earth. We have allowed ourselves to be separated from our Divine Source and must reclaim our power. The answer is in a spiritual awakening which will expand our consciousness through abandoning belief systems that no longer serve us.

Awaken To Your Truth offers astute insights into transforming our lives. It is a quiet but urgent call to revolution - a radical change of mindset. The messages are clear and well presented, easy to read, and will inspire those experiencing or preparing for the awakening process. I really enjoyed the book and the insights it provides.

~ Reviewed By Leonard William Smuts, Writer and Book Reviewer

5 stars

What a powerful, barrier-shattering book! Joanna Alexopoulos' words are targeted at breaking down every wall that cages today's humans, including religion, negative societal norms, inequality, and more. The use of a second-person point of view makes Awaken To Your Truth feel quite direct as if holding me responsible for the changes I have to make. The challenging words pushed me to act immediately and get out of my comfort zone to achieve an all-round transformation. The messages are not only motivational but also beautiful and pleasing to reflect on. As I pondered on words like, ``There is an interconnectedness of all in existence," I felt my spirit lift above the tumultuous energy of my ego.

Awaken To Your Truth is highly recommended to readers who question what they've been taught, feel trapped in their draining routines, and seek to find their own truth.

~Reviewed by Foluso Falaye, Musician and Environmentalist

5 stars

Joanna Alexopoulos has written a fascinating self-help guide that will appeal to the readers who accept its central premise. The book is honest in its depiction of humanity and broad-ranging in terms of the wisdom and guidance it offers.

~Reviewed by BookLife Book Reviewer

5 stars

At this time in human history, when a giant step in our evolution is upon us, this book couldn’t be more timely. It pinpoints exactly what is transpiring on Earth and provides both direction and encouragement for the work ahead. The Ascended Masters, have laid out a roadmap that can be read and reread many times. Joanna and The Masters have created outstanding work. I highly recommend it to everyone.

For Lightworkers and Healers, many blanks are filled in and clarified. For those who are awakening to spiritual development, you will find this a most useful manual for understanding much of what has been happening throughout human history and what we have to do to advance from here.

Reviewed by Peter Dennis, M.B.A., Consulting Hypnotist and Channeling Facilitator, Author

Joanna Alexopoulos photo

Joanna Alexopoulos is a messenger of divine truth. She is a spiritual teacher, intuitive coach, reiki energy healer, speaker, author, and poet.

As an open channel, Joanna attains wisdom and guidance from benevolent beings of higher realms of consciousness. Her love and compassion for humanity merge with that of the Ascended Masters’ and is deeply felt in her book, Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now.


Joanna Alexopoulos

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