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poetry, Canadian poetry, rhyming verse, love and desire, death, suffering, life challenges

Live to Death
The Beginning by Kol Melnychuk

"Live to Death" The idea of this book title was quite spontaneous as I find it difficult to find that perfect anything. However, the title does makes sense with my beliefs and a lot of what lies in this book. The idea is to simply live life to the fullest, from the beginning to the end, to live life to the death of it, and to truly live, not only survive. To find meaning, and purpose is my dream. To give my mind to people, just like me.

Main Themes - To find love for all stages of life, and events in life, even when they are not the brightest. To live life to the fullest, from the beginning to the end.

Relation - It's life. We all live it. No matter your age, direction, class, beliefs, you are living, so it's applicable to all those that are alive, have existed, or will exist.

The Main Plot/Point - To hopefully inspire a positive light, even in dark times, there is always beauty.

Main Question - There are an infinite amount of questions you could ask yourself from reading this. I suppose I would hope for you to ask yourself questions about yourself from reading this. What is my life? Am I living? Am I alive? Have I died?

In, "Live to Death" lies the poetry that I've written in the past 3 years of my life.

All of this poetry comes from the reality that I've experienced, rather it be through my very own eyes, or in my mind.

This is my reality. I hope you can find yourself falling into my reality and seeing through my eyes and into my mind.

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I've lost, I've won.

I've fallen, I've gotten back up.

I've been nothing, I've been everything.

I've only just begun.

I was born in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up in life having to find my own path, with no true guidance or role model, where I felt entirely alone, and as if everyone was against me. Everyone, and eventually I realized that my biggest enemy is myself.

I found myself falling into writing. Where I now have over 750 pages of my life typed out. In addition I wrote poetry. In this book there is the past 3 years of my poetry. Writing was and still in my only escape, it's during these times of intensive writing where I find my relief. I hope for you to find a similar relief in reading what I've written. While you're reading, do let yourself fall wherever my words may take you.


Kol Melnychuk

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