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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Difficult childhood, Isolation, Parents, Emotions, Self-discovery, Empowerment, Healing

Rainbow Bean
by Linda Allison

A cast of characters inspired by a bowl of seven bean soup takes readers on Rainbow Bean’s fairy tale journey from a difficult childhood along a path of many emotions to a final scene of triumphant empowerment. The whimsically painted illustrations are filled with fun details for the reader to explore. Rainbow Bean is designed for continual discovery through multiple readings. Readers can choose to follow Rainbow’s adventure on the map or perhaps they will cheer as Rainbow Bean stands fully empowered. Rainbow Bean will encourage all children to look for the important piece of themselves, however hidden it may be, and to know that they can shine brightly.

A question page in the book supplies readers with suggestions for further exploration of a child’s experiences. These questions can lead to discussions on feelings, race and gender neutrality.

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Linda Allison has lived the experiences of Rainbow Bean in the journey called Life. She is grateful to have chosen the path of healing, encountering many beautiful and supportive people along the way. You probably wouldn’t be surprised that she loves hiking, dogs, Tai Chi and spending time with people or in nature. You might be amazed to see her enjoying the Virtual Reality rhythm game, Beat Saber, which inspires her to spontaneously dance in shopping malls or markets when she hears certain music.

Linda lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She will do presentations for groups and can bring large prints of her original paintings. Contact her at


Linda Allison

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