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Children, Teaching, Relationships, Parenting, Trauma, Education, Child psychology

Kids These Days
Kids These Days: A Game Plan For (Re)Connecting With Those We Teach, Lead, & Love by Jody Carrington

The kids are the least of our worries.

Seriously. If that sounds blasphemous in a book for concerned parents and educators (and anyone, really, who worries about “kids these days”), then I am so glad you’re here. If you own a kid, work with a kid, or love a kid, you will find something inspiring in these pages. Dare I say game-changing.

These words were born from the hundreds of stories of kids, their families, and their support systems I was lucky to meet as I worked across Canada and the USA. Regardless of who I met or where I met them, the message was always the same: our kids are okay ONLY if those of us holding them are okay.

During the developmental years, schools—and educators—are the most significant connection point to most every child on this continent. But are the educators okay? I believe that most of the great educators want to make a difference. Many tell me, however, that they are finding it more and more difficult “these days” to love what they do. I think it’s time we did a better job of looking after them. First. Plain and simple.

This book is for the educators: our teachers, bus drivers, administrators, educational assistants, librarians, administrative assistants, and custodians. And anyone who leads, loves, and supports them. If that’s you, I am so grateful you are here. Read on. xo

“Dr. Carrington provides insightful and practical ideas for educators and leaders that are designed to help them with ‘kids these days’. Through seasoned experience and engaging stories, she makes a compelling case as to why adults need to connect with our kids to help them learn and change their lives for the better forever.”

—Kurt Sacher, Superintendent (CEO) Chinook’s Edge School Division, CASS (College of Alberta School Superintendents) President 2018-19

“The ideas of Dr. Carrington have changed the way our school division operates, and beyond that, how we interact with each other daily. This is not ‘another thing’, it is the thing.

—Paul Corrigan, Assistant Superintendent, Elk Island Catholic School Division

“Never before have we had a single book that will change the face of education. Kids These Days provides a systematic, logical approach to lifting up people who hold our children. This investment is the best gift we can give our students for the future.”

—Michael McMann, Superintendent Fort Vermilion School Division

“Dr. Jody Carrington provides a passionate, powerful and practical plan that we can all incorporate into our lives starting now. The love and dedication poured into every story, every page, every chapter inspires us to want to do better and be better for ourselves and for the kids we hold dear.”

—Laurie McIntosh, Alberta Elementary School Teacher extraordinaire, Kindnesscapes Creator, Ellen Show recognized

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As a child psychologist, I have assessed, treated, educated, and empowered some of the most vulnerable and precious souls on this planet—our kids. After 15 years, I’m here to tell you that the ones who hold our kids every day, are our biggest game changers.

My mission has become to shift the way educators think and feel about the holy work they do, and to refocus us on supporting them in that work.

Twitter: @JodyCarrington

Instagram: @DrJodyCarrington


Jody Carrington
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